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The Land of Painted Caves - Jean M. Auel I have a question. WHERE WERE THE EDITORS?

A book for -- and forgive me people -- for alzheimers patients, or rather for people with severe memory diseases or brain-memory-damage. Srly,she is back, and, and back, and, yes, back again recounting things not only for previou books, but repeated herself in each chapter, and a few pages more telling the same things about herself, Wof, the travels,the ice-glacial blue eyes of Jondalar, about the horses, and Wolf, and The First, and .... every detil of their lives, over and over and over. So, yes, for brain memory damage readers I think.

(Really dessapointing for this book)

This was a loooong book that could be cut down 600 pages easily. I mean, come on, it was necessary at all read about her'accent' every two pages all over the book (and and not kidding).

And, no plot. No really.

Just stick with the first 3 of this series.