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Spiral Hunt - Margaret Ronald Evie Scelan works in Boston as byke messanger (hello Max :)). She was told by his mom -like certain protagonist in Dragon Bound- to keep her head down and hold to a promise. However, now and then she do certain specials jobs looking for lost objects.

She try to keep a balance between the normalcy and not so normal life , because there are an 'undercurrent' dangerous life in Boston, of magical adepts, adiccted to magic. All of them are afraid of some sort of magical 'mob' that are never mentioned but all knows about it.(hello who-never-mentioned-too)

Now, what happen when she gets a weird phone call of an old ex-boyfriend?

She forgets everything and run behind his trail ::facepalm::

And she found this guy, charming, bold, neat, who says is a business man, but also can do serius magic, who says was a friend of his ex...

And of course she falls for him.


(I imagine him like the actor from Hitman :P)

Good: The use of celtic Legends, and the blue guys.
The last pages are very fast pacing and entertaining..

Bad: Come Evie, how many clues got to dump on your head to understand what going on?

Other stuff: The other man, Nate...bleh...nada from him. His sister is more interesting. Sarah... with friends like her...

Well, that didn't means'm not to go for the second book :)